House cleaning services for homes of all sizes and apartments, at affordable prices, and a flexible schedule are now available to anyone living in MarylandDC, and Virginia. Our team of 16 dedicated, experienced, professional, and English-speaking house cleaners provide home cleaning service in these areas no matter what section of these areas you live in. We are happy to assist you in making your home clean, healthy, and enjoyable.

Whether you’re a busy working professional, a stay-at-home-parent, or a person with a busy social life, you will benefit greatly from our house cleaning services. We understand how busy life can get and how little time is left for our loved ones and the things we like doing at the end of the day.

Realizing that time is the most precious value in the modern world, we made your free time our mission.
Understanding that a clean home is a healthy and happy home, we made cleanliness our passion.

Fully dedicated to your satisfaction, Maids Prime provides top-quality, detailed, and affordable house cleaning services for homes of all sizes, flexible availability, timely arrival, and efficiency.

House Cleaning Services in DC, MD, VA – Blue Maids


Cleaning a home is a challenge in a fast-paced environment like the one we live in today. Whether you have a small house, a big house, a condo, or an apartment, your home will need dusting, sweeping, mopping floors, vacuuming, doing laundry, cleaning windows, changing linens, scrubbing tile and showers. The list is endless! Do you have the time to do this after a long day at work or being busy with your little ones? Are you ready to dedicate your weekends to cleaning and sacrifice the time with your family?

Blue Maids, your local house cleaning service company, made your house cleanliness and your family’s health its serious and profound responsibility. We are located in Bethesda, MD but our home cleaning service is available to you if you live anywhere in the areas of DCMaryland, and Virginia. Our detail-oriented, licensed, and professional house cleaners will take care of your home with sincere care and respect.

Take back your time today! Start doing what you are truly passionate about and dedicate your time to the people you care about. Your time and attention is the most valuable gift you can give them. Let us, house cleaning experts, take care of the cleaning.


Blue Maids house cleaning services are convenient.

Every household is unique and every home has different needs. Because we understand that, we created different sets of house cleaning services. Depending on the type of house cleaning service you need and the schedule you prefer, Blue Maids will customize its cleaning services to suit your specific needs. Our dedicated cleaning team is available every workday from 7:30 am to 7 pm and from 9:30 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. This means that regardless your responsibilities and schedule, you will be able to organize a cleaning appointment with us.

You don’t even have to be at home while our team is there, cleaning. Just use this time to do something meaningful and come back to a sparkling clean home! We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our cleaning service and results, our house cleaners will come back and clean your home again, for free!

House Cleaning Services Review – Blue Maids

Blue Maids house cleaning services are professional.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and numerous positive feedbacks from our customers that we receive daily speak volumes of the professionality, dedication, and expertise or our home cleaning team. We employ only experienced, professional cleaners with flawless reputation in the industry.

Blue Maids is open for transparent communication at all times. This means that all your issues and questions are addressed promptly, in real time. We aim to keep you happy and 100% satisfied, so feel free to ask and suggest. We will be happy to answer your questions and accept your suggestions.


With Blue Maids, you will get more than you hoped for. We offer you a house cleaning service that comes not at an average cost for house cleaning but at one of the most affordable house cleaning services prices in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Excellent service comes with years of experience and it doesn’t have to be expensive because getting help with house cleaning is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

House Cleaning Services Review – Blue Maids

Blue Maids has a mission to make home cleaning services available to anyone who wants to take back their free time and do something more meaningful than cleaning. This is why we created residential cleaning service deals that consider different needs of our customers. We created 4 different packages that include residential house cleaning service lists. Take a look at them and choose the package that will meet your specific needs and budget best.

We now offer a discount price on our regular low house cleaning service cost. The reduced cost provides the same superior level of professionalism and first-rate standards of cleanliness. Do you need weekly cleaning service, monthly cleaning service, or just one-time house cleaning service? We got you and our cleaners can cover all of these. And not just that! They will go over and beyond to exceed your expectations and make your home clean and healthy.


Whether you need a day by day cleaning schedule or monthly cleaning schedule, Blue Maids house cleaning services are perfect for all the people who need a house cleaning. We are your local house cleaning services experts in MD, DC, and VA and we know how to keep your house clean and healthy. However, feel free to prepare a house cleaning checklist if you would be more comfortable that way. We’ll take all the steps to meet and exceed your expectations.

House Cleaning Services Review – Blue Maids

Our cleaning crew can come to clean your house or an apartment while you are away, at work or while you’re taking care of other important duties, and save you even more time that way.

We offer:

  • Top-quality house cleaning service – detailed and with no cutting corners
  • Prompt home cleaning service
  • Flexible availability for your convenience
  • Experienced, licensed, insured professional cleaners with flawless reputation
  • Cleaning service for homes of all sizes

Book cleaning services today, take back your time and enjoy a clean, healthy, and happy home.

We are available for any questions or suggestions. Contact us today.